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Personal Training by Fitric Fitness

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 Personal Training

Fitrics Fitness is a brand; a standard of operating in a structured manner supported by the most current science. While the brand relays a message of strict adherence to the objective data; the personal training branch utilizes that data to create a subjective experience that assures results. We emphasize development of personal relationships by highlighting regular contact and transparency as our principle procedures. This is a mutual relationship with mutual interests, we encourage our clients to utilize our extensive knowledge and experience as a resource to accomplish their goals as we nurture our relationship to more effectively help do the same. This is a team sport and Fitrics isn't just a team, its a family, come join the squad and together we'll accomplish your goals.

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The Fitrics Model

Training Overview


Marking the Start Line

Assessing your Fitness

This is conducted during your initial assessment and at regular intervals throughout your Fitness Journey. This is a critical aspect of our training because it outlines the pathway towards our success. During the initial assessment we'll go through some formal movement assessments along with lifestyle and health assessments to determine where we are and begin the process of charting our path forward. Acting as a baseline, we continue to perform less formal assessments at regular intervals to objectively measure progress and make changes if necessary.

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The Endgame

Setting our Goals

Its crucial that we establish where we are going, or what we hope to accomplish, and what that may look like when we get there. This is the most important step in the process that determines our success and failure. Without a clear specific goal, we  wonder aimlessly, never eliciting any measure of accomplishment, until finally abandoning our pursuit. Typically it would be preferred to already have a Specific goal to strive for but even with a General idea of one, this step of the process is all about refining our goals to a definitive vision and establishing a set Timeline to accomplish it.


Charting our Path

Program Design

The assessment will outline where we are and our goals outline where we are going, program design is everything in between. This is where we break out the protractors and various other  navigation tools to clearly mark our route towards where we want to be. Utilizing my vast inventory of exercises we can work through the process of discovering a creative and personalized program that most effectively progresses us towards our goals and maintains a level of excitement that will keep you engaged and consistent.


Assuring our Progress

Training Sessions

Although we remain transparent and strategic about our approach towards success, drawing a structured and accessible map that will allow you to tangibly see and follow along on our Journey, it remains a pertinent procedure and a personal policy of Fitrics that we work directly in person at minimum twice a week. Whether in our small fitness studio or your regular establishment, we retain a level of investment in your progress and safety that this is very important to us that we guide your form and program to assure safety and progress through a consistent schedule of training sessions during the week. These are hour long sessions that typically follow a plan but are subject to alterations.


The Fitrics Experience

The Accountability Partner you never had.

Fitrics approach to Personal training emphasizes the personal. This is a much more involved program than your typical PT experience. Cultivating an environment of positivity, transparency, and empowerment, this translates into: regular informal contact to check in on general well being, In depth explanations on techniques and concepts toward training, as well as an adaptive approach to program design, allowing for spontaneous adaptions of routine based on a number of factors assessed by the personal trainer. It is a common practice to divulge from the scheduled routine to adjust to clients needs or elicit a measure of excitement and fun to a routine that may begin to seem monotonous. Utilizing strategic training concepts backed by science while also developing the personal aspects, the Fitrics stance on PT is one of efficiency and empowerment.

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Hi there! My name is Felix Moody, I am an Army Veteran and Certified Personal Trainer. I got into fitness as a vehicle to empower others and to discover that their potential has no ceilings! There's always potential for growth in every aspect of life and this is true in fitness as well. I utilize my extensive knowledge base derived from my diverse experience and formal training to help individuals manifest their goals, whatever they may be. This is the how, the why is my passion for helping others and what may make this experience different from others you may have had in the past. I take an invested approach, developing a relationship with continual contact outside the training sessions and regular assessments to monitor an assurance of progress. This is a team sport that requires mutual participation, so together, let's accomplish your goals.

Felix Moody CPT

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